Monday, March 30, 2009

Good Bye March-- until we meet again...

my green hydrangeas remind me of the entire month of march and its flirtation with spring. yes, it is the month of spring but the weather has been so capricious. we don't know--jackets or shorts. air conditioning or heater. umbrella or sunglasses. that is the nature i suppose, of march.

well goodbye for now. but i will still keep sunglasses and an umbrella in my car-- for march's cousin april. she's known for her pluvial tantrums.

shells. the beach. i hope to see you this summer.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

mid-life proms

shoes for your troubles? these sparklies make me ooh sooo happy!
the dress of course, had a "modesty piece" added to the bustline because there was way too much boobage goin' on!
the runner-up shoes, which i think i am going to return. they are simple and elegant but also a slender 4 inch stiletto i think i could live without.
new perfume to add intoxication to the night .... well, a little more wouldn't hurt.
couldn't find another bag--this one has to do. it's pretty "neutral"! a blinged-out, evening gown sort-of-way.

the final ansemble... ???on the jewelry. who cares. none of really matters in the end. right?

today was a long day. i took the boys to mommy's-day-out and i finally took some time to take care of myself. i had my hair colored and cut at 10. waxing at 11, pedicure and manicure at 12, and a massage at 1! WOW! never thought i could get all that done like that. there was no time to spare because as soon as i picked up the boys from school at 2:30, we drove to austin to pick up the gown for steve's gala event. i bought it and had it altered in austin. (i didn't have a choice). the hospital is opening its doors after 2.5 years and 80+ million in construction. i begged not to go to this thing. i'd rather spend the money buying that "marriage" piece that marta has, but he twisted my arm. i need to do my husband proud. i owe him so much!