Sunday, June 14, 2009

when she speaks

her words i drink with a familiar perfume of the past. flashes of faded green comforters cloud our conversation. she says much that leaves me with a want for the marrow of discourse...something i can take in, digest, and appease the hunger for substance. but instead, i engage in clandestine dialogues...alone, and her voice sadly fades into the shades of neglected eggshell walls.

Friday, June 12, 2009

9th Anniversary Trip: "Beastro"-- Better Than Ezra Concert

steve and i don't miss an opportunity to see our favorite band play in concert. i guess some couples have a "song"; we have a band!-- better than ezra. the concert was held as a charity event at the fort worth zoo with wine and food tasting as part of the draw, hence the name: "BEASTRO"! as we entered the gates, carribean music was played by the TCU band.

the food was delicious! my favorite was a cold avocado and jalapeno soup & a cold lobster and tarragon salad. the corn dogs were perfect; steve favored the sliders. every kind of food was available (prepared by local restaurants, serving up their very best)!
honestly, it was very weird to be at a zoo without the kids!
mr. corny dog is the absolute best!
since we were at the zoo, the "pre-show" was actually an animal act. they brought out a python...
a sweet penguin, and other animals.
it was so wonderful...we were front row. we were actually so close, the speakers were behind us and we had a hard time hearing the lyrics and banter.
he came right up to us; we were quite happy.
hope it won't be too long before we can see them again. it's always such a happy treat! makes us feel young again, (really young)...even if it's just for one night.