Saturday, April 18, 2009

Preparing for Easter

getting ready for easter, the boys dunked their eggs in colored baths.
alex was very careful not to crush his. he has learned how fragile they are after several bad attempts.

zacky is always excited to try something new.

i was very proud of them both. they improved by leaps and bounds compared to last year.

these are mexican cascarones. the top is cracked open with a small hole to fill with confetti.

finishing up...
the last batches. we only made 10 dozen. it felt like a bunch (i've been saving egg shells since new year's), but in the end it was a small collection.
grampa pat fills the eggs with confetti while nonnie (grandma) glues squares of colored tissue paper to the tops. we use "grudo" which is a homemade paste made from flour and a little water. the kids were in bed by the time the eggs dried.

beautiful memories!!!

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